Terms and Conditions

Riddle Rooms Ltd.

These Terms and Conditions and any contracts and agreements concluded incorporating them are governed by UK law and as such all disputes arising in relation to or as a result of these shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts. Statutory rights of visitors of the website as well as customers of Riddle Rooms Ltd. are not affected.


1.1. The website www.riddlerooms.co.uk is owned and operated by Riddle Rooms Ltd. All rights reserved to amend these Terms and Conditions in full or in parts including contents of the website referred to herein above any time without prior notice.

1.2 Visitors to this website are kindly required to read carefully these Terms and Conditions as these apply to the use of the website.

1.3. Riddle Rooms Ltd. is committed to keep all information on its website and in all customer focussed communication accurate and up-to-date.

1.4. The intended use of the website is non-commercial, and as such, visitors are not allowed neither to alter, change, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish any of its content, nor to license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information obtained from this website, without the written consent of the company.

1.5. Visitors to the website may not link to or use all or any part of the website for any purpose which is deemed to be fraudulent, unlawful, defamatory, harmful, obscene or by any laws and social norms objectionable.

1.6. Visitors of this website are warned that the Internet is not fully secure. Whilst Riddle Rooms Ltd. will take all appropriate steps and precautionary measures to protect the security of any payment card information, shall not be hold liable for any damage that Visitors may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of any such information.

1.7. Riddle Rooms Ltd. shall not be liable to any person for any direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages including (but not limited to) lost profits or revenues, loss of opportunity, costs of replacement goods or services, loss or damage to data or business interruption, arising out of any use of the website.

1.8 The trade marks, images and logos displayed on the website are the property of Riddle Rooms Ltd. Visitors of the website are not permitted to use any of these images, trade marks and logos without prior written permission of Riddle Rooms Ltd. Any such use may constitute an infringement of the relevant proprietor's rights.

1.9 The website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. The operation of those websites is out of Riddle Rooms Ltd.’s control and as such it accepts no liability for any damage arising out of any use of those websites.


2.1. Riddle Rooms Ltd. may collect, store and use customer data solely for its own analytical and business development purposes, it will, therefore, not disclose any of these data to any 3rd parties in full or in part. Riddle Rooms Ltd. is dedicated to ensure that the privacy of personal information is protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

2.2. Customers of Riddle Rooms Ltd.’s games may not disclose any details of the games directly or indirectly to the public.

2.3. It is strictly prohibited to take any recordings on the premises of Riddle Rooms Ltd. including but not limited to the games. This includes image, voice and sound recordings by mobile phones, tablets, computers, portable recording devices (video and/or audio) and cameras. Any such recording will result in immediate conclusion of the game and customers attempting to make such recordings will be asked to leave the premises. In any such cases fees paid by the customer would be forfeited and the paid service will be considered as duly delivered.

2.4. Photos of each team will be taken during and at the end of the game.

2.5. Photos of each teams will be stored on our server linked to the booking.

2.6. Teams agree that Riddle Rooms Ltd. may use these photos on its website Gallery and social media sites without names and other identification details.


3.1. Our service is a live team entertainment event, which is organised only on our premises in office settings.

3.2. Our Games are themed and continually moderated and controlled events, where neither people nor any objects, personal belongings or interests are in in any danger or risk as a result of the script, scenery, staff activities or any other aspects controlled and governed by Riddle Rooms Ltd.

3.3. Our games, storyboards, scenery and structures form intellectual property of Riddle Rooms Ltd. Copying, replication, publishing in any details may only be carried out with prior written consent of Riddle Rooms Ltd.

3.4. Our prices, as well as other appropriate and important information, such as age restrictions, warnings and recommendations about the games are published on our website.


4.1. The only language available for the conclusion of a contract online is English.

4.2. Only person(s) who are at least 18 years of age are permitted to book a Game.

4.3. Booking a game is available online only except the “Good Company Room”, where Riddle Rooms Ltd. will make a personalized business proposal to the interested business client, as detailed on our website.

4.4. Any purchase on the website is valid only when processed by Riddle Rooms Ltd.

4.5. The booking process is concluded when payment is confirmed. You shall receive a confirmation once your booking is processed.

4.6. Customers are responsible for entering the required details correctly when processing the booking online.

4.7. Riddle Rooms does not validate personal information entered by customers while booking a game.

4.8. Booking is confirmed only when payment is confirmed. Until such confirmation the booking is conditional only i.e. in absence of payment the booking request gets refused.

4.9. Booking confirmation is sent to the email address the customer who performed the booking has entered onto the online form. The email sent is the booking voucher with the unique booking reference number clearly stated on it.

4.10. The game can be claimed only on the date and at the time that is contained in the voucher. The dates and times are non-amendable once the voucher is issued.

4.11. The voucher is transferable just as a theatre ticket. The first who presents the printed voucher upon arrival to our staff may enter the game. Any subsequent claims or presented voucher will be deemed void.


5.1. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

5.2. Payments are processed in British Pounds.

5.3. Riddle Rooms Ltd. uses WorldPay to process online payments. Accepted cards are listed on the website.

5.4. Refund in full or in part is not available once the booking is confirmed as described under p. 4.9. herein above.


6.1. Once booking is confirmed, cancellation is not an available option.

6.2. The reservation will be deemed a no-show when the delay in arrival is more than 15 minutes.

6.3. In case of a no-show the full amount paid for the booked game will be forfeited.

6.4. Rescheduling is only available for the Party Room and the Good Company Room. In case of booking a game in any other Rooms, rescheduling is not an available option.

6.5. Rescheduling (where applicable) is free of charge provided the request to reschedule is submitted to Riddle Rooms Ltd. min. 7 days prior to the booked time.

6.6. Rescheduling (where applicable) is available against a fee of 50 Pounds provided the request to reschedule is submitted to Riddle Rooms Ltd. between 3 to 7 days prior to the booked time.

6.7. Rescheduling (where applicable) is not available within 48 hrs of the booked time.

6.8. Should Riddle Rooms Ltd. cancel or reschedule customer bookings, we will offer the choice of either receive a full refund of all monies paid or accept an alternative game time.


7.1. Riddle Rooms Ltd. reserves the rights to unilaterally define any age restrictions for any of its games. These restorations will be defined based on the larger context of the storyboard, the nature and content of the story of the given room, the special effects (if any) applied in the Room, the installations and the tools and equipment used in the Room.

7.2. Any gaming teams entering the premises of Riddle Rooms Ltd. must have at least one adult member, or, in case of young Party teams, one adult must escort the team to our premises and stay there until the team leaves. The adult member referred to herein assumes responsibility for self conduct of all other team members under 18 years of age.

7.3. Families are welcome to our rooms, we leave it to parents to decide if they wish their children to be there with them in any of our rooms. However we recommend to consider our age restrictions as described under 7.1. herein above.

7.4. As our Rooms are operated with wi-fi linked and remotely operated technical equipment including but not limited to IP cameras, walkie talkies , customers with specific medical devices such as pacemakers, and any other technical implants are required to seek medical advice about any potential risks it might represent to them, before participating in any of our games. Riddle Rooms Ltd. assumes no liability for such risks.

7.5. Customers will participate in any of our games entirely on their own accord and sole discretion, assuming all inherent risks and accountability of such a decision. Riddle Rooms Ltd. assumes no liability whatsoever for any (personal or equipment) damages or injuries caused by game room misuse or not following the rules described before the game.


8.1. Customers under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances that hinder sound judgement will be denied of gaming, or even entry to our premises.

8.2. Displaying inappropriate, rude, indecent or intolerable behaviors by customers may result in suspending, or ending the game in its course by Riddle Rooms Staff. In any such events the game will be deemed properly finished, and as such, no refund or any other form of compensation is due.

8.3. Each customer will be duly informed and instructed about the rules of the game, with special attention to do’s and dont’s specific to the Room they are about to enter. Non-adherence to these instructions will result in suspending or ending the game in its course by the Game Moderator. In any such events the game will be deemed properly finished, and as such, no refund or any other form of compensation is due.

8.4. Customers agree to reimburse Riddle Rooms Ltd. for any damages to any objects and installations, resulting from their misbehaviour whether willful or out of negligence. Riddle Rooms Ltd. therefore is entitled to present claim to the customer for reimbursement for the costs incurred as a result of such behaviour.