‘The Room’ Glasgow is a live escape game and team building centre in the heart of Glasgow.

Escape games are becoming increasingly popular around the world with their offer of challenges, adventure, mystery, critical thinking & creativity - fostering a team spirit, a great sense of achievement and a healthy adrenalin boost for all ages.

The Room Glasgow can accommodate teams as large as 18 players in one 90 minute game making it unique within the UK. We are also the largest escape game venue in Scotland, able to cater to as many as 39 players at any one time across our 4 original escape games.

We are also unique in that all our games have two objectives, not just to escape but to solve a mystery, story or crime - allowing our players to completely immerse themselves in the game settings.

Games can be for team building, to challenge yourself and others or simply for fun but one thing's for sure...our games get the cogs turning.